Some of the best
The label includes some of the best actual portuguese d´n´b producers, mc and djs: Dr. Speaker Blower (from Oporto, one of the first dnb producers in Portugal and still on the move), C-Netik (from Almada, one of the our finest young talents, has other internacional dnb releases), Synapse (from Viana do Castelo, another very talented producer, coming from the trance world where is very sucessful), NoLeaf (from Lisbon, gifted dj/producer, speciallist in mash-ups with other types of music), Nuno Forte (from Oporto, known as the best dnb dj in Portugal), Skipy (from Oporto, gifted young producer coming up with strength), Headlock (from Aveiro, talented producer from the new generation) and Mc Tresh (from Vizela, he is considered the best dnb mc in Portugal).

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We are accepting demos from talented producers. If you think you have the touch, fit in our sound and style, then send us a demo.
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Dr. Speaker Blower




Nuno Forte


Mc Tresh


SBR#000 Label Launch Promo
Free edition in wav/mp3 format with 4 breaking through tracks. Includes printable PDF artwork .

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