NoLeaf (aka Daniel Reis), already felt itself fascinated in the 90's by electronic music, it is in these circumstances that he discovers the drum'n'bass, few years later he started off promoting events in Lisbon with some friends, helping to grow nowadays most recognized drum'n'bass promoter in Lisbon, Kalimodjo. In the beginning of 2004 it has the first contact with djing, in July of this year plays with Australians Pendulum @ Help.
In September NoLeaf leaves Kalimodjo and went to London for studying. In the worldwide capital of drum'n'bass give the first steps in production (just for recreation). In November of this year he plays for the first time in London @ Addicitions Night after winning an open competition for amateur djs. Starts two residences, John's Kenton Club in Wembley and the Jamm in Brixton, a recognized club in London's night, playing with Fricton, Silent Witness, Nicky Blackmarket and Calibre.
NoLeaf returns to Portugal, and in 2007 it launches two new projects, first an innovative djing concept, mashups of drum'n'bass with other styles, and, in July, launches the first site dedicated exclusively to the production of portuguese drum'n'bass (


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