Speaker Blower Records is a new state of mind and an artistic expression. It is a new tendencies, forward-thinking drum´n´bass label from Portugal (and also the first dnb label in this country), managed by Dr. Speaker Blower, one of the leading d´n´b producers in this country.

We are based in Oporto and start as a netlabel releasing high quality downloadable music and dubplates on vinyl but we also plan to release vinyl, cds and videos in a near future.

Our music is dark, deep, funky, futuristic and sometimes extreme but always melodic, cinematic and musical.

We proudly have on our label some of the best d´n´b producers/djs/mc from Portugal. We have C-netik, Synapse, Headlock, Skippy, NoLeaf, Nuno Forte, Mc Tresh and Dr. Speaker Blower. We are also seeking for more new talents from Portugal or from any part of the universe.

Our gold is to release future classics and our policy is total artistic freedom.

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"Promo SBR#000" is a free downloadable release that clearly shows our sound to the universe. Get it now here.

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