Speaker Blower - Amplifier/Limiter

The Speaker Blower plugin is a simple amplifier effect with a built-in limiter. You just have to adjust the desired input gain and the output level (ceiling). V. 1.2 has now 2 components (mono and stereo). This is a free vst plugin for Windows only - NO MAC VERSION. You can use and abuse of this tool but be sure to watch your speakers though!

Front (stereo and mono) and back pictures. Click to see a full size image.

Features: Signal amplifier (up to +18dB) with built-in limiter; input/ouput monitor; separate signal and limiter level meter; mono and stereo components, modular vintage sci-fi design

NOTE: This plugin can not be redistributed - you should always link to this page.

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SB-3 LE - Stereo Phat Vintage Synthesizer (limited edition)

The SB-3 LE is an exclusive free version created for Speaker Blower Records. Born as a monophonic synth (optimized for this mode), it is now polyphonic in this v. 1.1. VSTi for PC only - NO MAC VERSION!

Front and back pictures. Click to see a full size image.


-Stereo Detunable synthesizer with mono (optimized - low cpu usage) or polyphonic modes
-Full Stereo Architecture
-3 oscillators [doubled when Stereo Detune is on: osc. 1 is stereo and has a mono sub-oscillator; Osc. 2 is stereo and Osc. 3 is double mono].
-Ring Modulation [osc. 1 vs osc. 2]
-Two multimode filters [serial/parallel configuration]
-Two Lfos [with a total of 7 possible destinations]
-Two envelopes [optionally, they can modulate the lfos amount value for complex modulations]
-Effects: Distortion (2 types), Tape Delay [sync rates only] and Chorus
-Ultra Analogue or Phat option [analogue modelling circuitry]
-17 presets (12 are exclusive, 4 are shared with full version and default)
-Clear, easy to use, intuitive, old-skool style GUI
-Rusty Vintage Sci-Fi Design

Limitations of this free version:

-Polyphony: Mono + 4 voices (not 16)
-Stereo detune value is fixed: 35% (St. detune can be turned off) - missing knob
-Chorus depth value is fixed: 80% - missing knob
-Filter Drive value is fixed: 28% - missing knob
-Filter 1 mode is fixed: LP only (no HP mode) - missing selector
-Lfo 2 - free run mode only (not syncable) - missing selector

Tested in Ableton Live 7 and Logic Audio Platinum 5.5.1 only!

Make some noise and watch your speakers!

NOTE: This plugin can not be redistributed - you should always link to this page.

DEMO: All sounds (except the drums) were recorded directly from the SB-3 LE and SB-3 [full version] - as they have different presets - without any further processing of any kind. Only drum loops were processed (only effects created by Dr. Speaker Blower were used in this demo: 2 Vintage Q´s and 3 types of delays on busses used as send effects). Multi-band Imager plugin was used in the bass mix buss (to ensure that frequencies bellow 250 Hz were mono). At last, Speaker Blower VST limiter was inserted in the Master channel with 3 dB gain applied and an output ceiling of -0.2 dB. Just listen to this ultra phat sounds, download and watch your speakers!!!

Download     SB-3 and SB-3 LE Demo - Dubstep and Drum´n´Bass

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