Bunch of videos on the horizon

"Alien Technology" is an original music video by Dr. Speaker Blower. It is the first of a series of 6 new sci-fi music videos that cover the rest of the "Distorted Visions" LP. This way, the 8 tracks of this album have videos! "Alien Technology" is presented as a 50s sci-fi movie, while the other 5 videos are presented as a Sci-Fi TV Series (from the 50s too). The narrative follows from the first video to the last! You can check these videos in Youtube, Vimeo or in the video section.

#8 - Distorted Visions

Then long waited Dr. Speaker Blower´s 2nd album was finally released! The sound of this release could be easily described as "space funk" and it is more techy in relationship with its predecessors. Tracks like "Alien Technology", "Future Life", "The Sandeman" or "Distorted Visions" are absolutely killers on the dancefloor and represent a new era and, on the Dr. SB sound, another evolution to a new level. This LP includes 2 collaborations with Prime Suspect and Mc Tresh. This release also includes a free bonus remix of the track "Alien Technology", exclusively in our shop. There are 2 videos made for two of the tracks and a lot more videos are expected so check our vimeo channel and subscribe! Listen  Video 1  Video 2

Free Track by Dr. Speaker Blower & Mc Tresh

In order to start the year with lots of energy and celebrating Dr. SB´s 15 year career and Mc Tresh´s 10th, Dr. Speaker Blower and Mc Tresh released a free track: "Seriously Affected 2013 Remix". You can find it here. You can find the original track here (free download).

SBR#8 "Distorted Visions" LP includes a preview video

Dr. Speaker Blower second album in the label features 8 tracks and a free download bonus remix. Ourafilmes produced the first video for one of the tracks "First Rays of Darkness" - watch it here. This album is more tech based and it is a page turning release in the label. For now, secrecy is the main idea so visit this page regularly to get more info! LP is expected in 2013!

Speaker Blower Records Social Network

Finally we are in the main social networks. In Facebook you can find us here, in Twitter here, in Soundcloud here, in Vimeo here, in Flickr here and in Myspace here.

#7 - Core/Nuvolari

This is the first single by Dr. Speaker Blower in the SBR label. This release #7, features the tracks "Core" and "Nuvolari". It also includes a free downloadable remix of "Core", only available in our shop.

#6 - The Whisper|Moth

This long waiting single was promised some time ago but, for many reasons, it is only released now. Includes the smashing hits "The Whisper" by Skipy and "Moth" by our new artist, Headlock. Listen  Buy


He is one of the most talented producers from the new skool of drum´n´bass and he joined us! He presents "Moth", a dark techy track, but a true powerhouse in our next release, a single shared with Skipy (who presents "The Whisper"). It´s in release #6! Don´t miss it!

Evolution of Darkness Mixset

This mix is our 2010 showcase. Mixed by Dr. Speaker Blower and hosted by Mc Tresh, this is a 75 minute journey. Includes dubplates and a track by our new artist, Headlock. Download here. Tracklist is here.

New artist soon and myspace news

Speaker Blower Records will announce, very soon, the arrival of a new artist. He is a newcomer but is, already, one of the best "new school" d´n´b producers in Portugal and will be very soon one of the big names in drum´n´bass in this country. Be ready! Check also our myspace.

#5 - Man versus Machine

This EP by Dr. Speaker Blower is our release SBR#5 and is a big release. Classical and epic sounds in a deep Drum´n´Bass journey! It includes a free downloadable track in collaboration with Mc Tresh! Check it out in our store!

#4 - The Spider and The Fly

This EP is our release #4 and is the first EP in the label by Dr. Speaker Blower. With four mind blowing tracks, it includes "Two Faces" - a collaboration with Mc Tresh. The other tracks are "The Spider and The Fly", "Prisma" and "Gravitational Force". Check it out in our store!

Free VSTs

The Speaker Blower Records site now has available 2 free vst plugins: the amplifier/limiter Speaker Blower VST and the vintage synthesizer SB-3 LE. Check it out now! click here

#3 - Memories

Synapse´s first single in Speaker Blower Records was also released (SBR#3). With two advanced d´n´b tracks in this single ("Memories" and "Subdrone"), Synapse stands as one of Portugals´s finest dnb producers. Check it out in our store!

#2 - Strangelet

C-Netik´s first single in Speaker Blower Records was also released. With two advanced d´n´b smashing hits, C-Netik has a fantastic debut. This single (SBR#2), includes the tracks "Strangelet" and "Animal". Check it out in our store!

#1 - Dark Side Has No Gravity

The label starts with Dr. Speaker Blower´s first album "Dark Side Has No Gravity" (SBR#1). With ten original breaking through tracks, it also includes future classics with C-Netik, Synapse, Nuno Forte, Mc Tresh, NoLeaf and Skipy. Check it out in our store!

#000 - Free Promo - mp3/wav

Speaker Blower Records starts with a memorable free downloadable EP promo in mp3 and wav formats (SBR#000) with 4 killing tracks: Dr. Speaker Blower "Seriously Affected", Synapse "The Last", C-Netik "Posthuman" and NoLeaf "Bollywood". Click here

Free 24 Bit Wav Samplepacks & free VST plugins (Fx and Synth)

Each Speaker Blower Records artist has in his personal page in this site a free samplepack. If you are an electronic music producer or want to be one, get the samples here. For amazing sounding free VST plugins check this. Note that we are not held responsible if you find yourself a better musician after experimenting with these tools and sounds! Watch your speakers though!!!

The first d´n´b label in Portugal

Speaker Blower Records is a new state of mind and an artistic expression. It is a new tendencies, forward-thinking drum´n´bass label from Portugal, managed by Dr. Speaker Blower, one of the leading d´n´b producers in this country. We start as a netlabel but we also have plans to release vinyl, cds and videos in a near future. We have some of the best portuguese d´n´b producers among us and we plan to grow, slowly but surely. About us



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