Dr. Speaker Blower is Miguel Santos. He started 3 Rock/Hardcore/Punk bands when was a teenager in the early 90s. In 1998 started Sonic Tribe Indians [with Jota Mudo they were the first drum´n´bass band in Portugal (1998-2002) always playing in Live Act and in many different venues in Oporto (including a Live Act on a boat in the Douro river in Oporto in 2001). They released several singles and one album. After Jota Mudo left the band, Dr. Speaker Blower kept going on a solo career, experimenting with new sounds, beats and atmospheres creating his own style and sound design. Always plays in Live Act using his own instruments and fx. He has also created Lusus (simple and popular PC VST free instrument) among other free software available in the Ourafilmes website, a video company he started in 1997. He works as a sound teacher and also recording on location, sound design and post production for film and tv. The advanced d´n´b label Speaker Blower Records is his last project and, so far, the biggest. More recently, he released two free vst plugins in this site: Speaker Blower VST and SB-3 LE.


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